WHAT IS YOUR LEVEL? Consider this as you choose your courses.


Welcome. You are in this most exciting phase of the learning curve until you can move between chord changes and keep a beat. Get fluent with (at least) your C, F, and G7and then head to the next level.


Now you’re a player, but chord diagrams over the words are still a must. Your job here is to master B flat, get some strums under your belt and grow into your instrument. This is when you truly learn how to practice.


Look at you, singing and strumming at the same time! You know a bunch of chords and are ready to use them. Time to dig in and learn some exciting techniques, and maybe venture up the next. Be proud of yourself, this is a fine plateau to reach.


You can hear changes, you know some barre chords and closed and have toured the real estate above the fifth fret. You are unafraid of the tricky stuff, ready to sit with the big kids. When things go over your head, watch and listen closely, then take your new ideas home to practice.

Brook Adams

#Bad Hair Day

70s & 80s pop for ukes with barre chords ##Technique & Repertoire: Level 3-4 Some songs are defined by a melodic hook or riff. It can be hard to match those licks to the chords of the song because each different chord shape enables it’s own set of tasty melodic licks. Luckily, there is a pattern that helps you find alternate chord shapes anywhere on the neck.

Learn barre chord shapes and patterns for ukulele and use them to play songs from the 70s and 80s. Badfinger, Boz Scaggs, The Cars, Howard Jones, Tears For Fears.

#Cheese & Crackers: Weird Songs

##Repertoire, Musicianship: Level 2-4

Good songs about bad things. Easy to play novelty songs about snacks, cave men and summer camp. I have some simple tricks to sharpen up the arrangements and add interest. We’ll have fun with the singing parts too. Slim Gaillard, Hollywood Argyles, Junior Brown.



##Technique, Repertoire: Level 3-4

Ukulele reminds you of the beach, but surfing doesn’t remind you of ukulele. Until now! We will learn two or three classic instrumental surf tunes on the uke. There will be fingerpicking, barre chords and the infamous “glissando from hell”. Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Lively Ones.