Workshop Materials


Here are the first of the workshop handouts to arrive. Check back for more and please print the handouts you’ll need at the festival.

While you’re on this page, please review these thoughts on workshop etiquette:

TUNE FIRST  Be as close as you can to A440 before the workshop starts. If you are late and the workshop has started, please tune-up in the hall.

QUESTIONS LATER  Too many questions can derail an instructor and bog down a class.

NO NOODLING!  One of the hardest things about playing the ukulele is not playing the ukulele! Please refrain from plucking and strumming while your teacher is giving instruction.

Jim Beloff

NOTE: These are large files and they’ve been uploaded in two ways in case one doesn’t work for you. The same files are in the PDF compilations and the ZIP files. Please give them adequate time to download.

PDF compilations of Beloff handouts:



Zip files of PDFs:

Beloff – Advanced Beginner

Beloff – At the Ritz


Gerald Ross

Ross-SWING-I Got Rhythm

Ross-SWING-Sweet Sue In F

Ross-TAKE IT-Moveable Pentatonic Patterns

Fred Sokolow

Note: Fred says the Progressions handout, which is part of the Roadmaps handout, would be helpful for the Blues class, too.




Sokolow hanouts – various


Craig McClelland

McClelland-Power Chords ABQ 2018

McClelland-Problem Chords 2018 reduction

McClelland-ABQFngrPckWksht2018 (1)

McClelland-Electronics for Uke


Gorton Smith/Jim Beloff


Judy Muldawer

Muldawer-Ukulele Chord Course