We have amazing instructors for you this year (again!). Meet them here.

Jim & Liz Beloff

Finding a ukulele at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market in 1992 inspired Liz and Jim Beloff to start Flea Market Music, Inc., publisher of the popular Jumpin’ Jim’sseries of ukulele songbooks. This series is sold worldwide and includes The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs For Better Livingand The Daily Ukulele: Leap Year Edition, two of the biggest and best-selling ukulele songbooks ever published.

Jim Beloff is the author of The Ukulele—A Visual History(Backbeat Books), producer of Legends of Ukulele, a CD compilation for Rhino Records and has made three how-to-play DVDs for Homespun Tapes. Jim is also an active songwriter. His 2014 two-CD set, Dreams I Left In Pockets, features 33 songs he wrote or co-wrote with uke legends Herb “Ohta-san” Ohta and Lyle Ritz.

In 1999, Jim composed and premiered “Uke Can’t Be Serious,” a concerto for solo ukulele and symphony orchestra. Since then the piece has been performed many times, most recently in 2016 with the Choate School orchestra in Germany and Austria and also with the Michigan Philharmonic.

Liz Maihock Beloff, with a background in film and television graphics, designs the covers and art-directs all of FMM’s songbooks, CDs and DVDs. She is also a talented singer who, before teaming up with Jim, sang with a cappellagroups in college and New York City.

As performers, Liz and Jim have become known for their breezy, close harmonies on standards and Jim’s original songs. Theyperform together regularly throughout the USA, playing their family-made Fluke, Fleaand Fireflyukuleles. They have also toured Japan, Australia and Canada and believe in their company’s motto, “Uke Can Change the World.” and

Fred & Lynn Sokolow

Gerald Ross

Sage Harrington

Sage Harrington is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She cultivates an upbeat and supportive atmosphere where students of all ages can learn essential technique and build performance skills. Sage teaches private music lessons with multiple focuses including songwriting: anything that can be said out loud can be said as well or even better in a song. She’s helped many adults and kiddos get started on their songwriting journeys.

The ukulele is her main squeeze—it’s a joy to play and fun to learn. As a singer-songwriter, it’s lovey to strum simple chords and sing along but she is also intrigued by more complex chord/melody arrangements and explores the ukulele as a solo featured instrument.

She’s been teaching since 2012 and has learned how to present music in a way that is fun, challenging, and rewarding to both grown-ups and kids alike. We keep up a brisk pace of learning to keep things interesting and slow it down when the time is right for some real polishing.