Welcome to the Albuquerque Ukekopelli Festival, the Most Fun Ukulele Festival in America, September 28 – 30, 2018!

This year, we invite you to remember those decadent Saturday mornings of your childhood when you sprawled on your living room carpet with a bowl of cereal watching ¬†cartoons, when just hearing the theme song got you ready for adventure. Comic Books & Super Heroes will bring back all those great tunes, from your favorite cartoon to live action shows like “Batman” and “Superman.”

Of course, comic books have not stayed on the shelf, but have taken over the silver screen of today with high-budget action films featuring great soundtracks. Our concert will include songs you may have heard in your old favorite shows or the new popular movies. The workshops will even teach some tunes for you to go home and learn.

Oh, and for a special treat, register by June 30 at midnight to get Friday afternoon workshops at no extra charge! These classes are ONLY for those who register by the early bird deadline. Pow!

Get ready to let your inner child out to play!

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